Built in the mid 1930’s this route was a section of the future Berlin – Konigsberg Reichsautobahn (RAB). Hitler wanted this route to run through the Pomeranian countryside and through the Polish Wisla (Vistula) corridor to link up with the separated Prussia. The poles opposed any such idea, and this surely added more to the already strained tensions between the two countries. 

In Poland the road starts at the polish motorway A-6 at the German border near Szczecin (Stettin). Crossing the river Odra (Oder) it veers slightly in a northeast direction. About 8 km north of the A-6 and National Highway 10 junction the A-6 motorway continues northward, while the old autobahn continues eastward as local road 142. Up until recently parts of this road were in an unchanged state with two carriageways in both directions. Now there is only one carriageway, with the north (westbound) carriageway unused. There is about a dozen interchanges on this route and about a half a dozen of river overpasses.

Where the route links up with local road 149 is where things get interesting. The road actually continues as a “secret” route ending a few kilometers further. This part of the unused and un-constructed autobahn continues up to road local road 151. Satellite imagery shows that the autobahn has two carriageways constructed in some areas east of 149. What you can see from SPIN-2 Satellite images is that where the autobahn was to be built a greenbelt surrounds the approximated path. I don’t really know what is beyond route 151, or in the actual greenbelt. What I know is that a lake in the Inski Park Krajobrazowy is un-naturally cut in half by this greenbelt. It seems to have been filled in by land and is cut in half (north of this lake is the small town of Dlusko). On map this lake is shown as a whole, but when you look at SPIN-2 imagery it is clearly cut in half.

Old map records show that parts of the autobahn were constructed or possibly under construction around the Zlocieniec area when they were abandoned. (from Suliszewo to Zlocieniec (Falkenburg) to Kluczewo (Klaushagen) and Zabin (Klein Sabin)). I will try to look for these possible ruins in the summer of 2001 when I visit Poland. The route was supposed to continue to Sczecinek (Neustettin) and possibly Chojnice (Konitz) or Bytow (Bütow), Starograd Gdanski and then to through the Wisla corridor and Elblag (Elbing).

A lot of other interesting things exist in the Zlocieniec (Falkenburg) Area. In the 1930's Germany set up a wall of fortification that consisted of many bunkers and other elaborate military complexes. The bunkers of the Pomeranian Wall still remain to this day, and stretch from the area of Zlocieniec (Falkenburg) to Sczecinek (Neustettin).

Construction of this route ended in 1943 when the tide of the war began to turn. Remnants of the autobahn remain in certain sections of the Pomeranian countryside especially near Zlocieniec (Falkenburg) and Tczew (Dirschau).

Route Length Currently in Poland

Route Section Year Completed Length
German Border - Szczecin South 1936 3.1 km
Szczecin South - Kijewo 1937 6 km
Kijewo - Krzywnica  194? 38.5 km
Krzywnica - Lisowo 194? 7 km
Lisowo - Zlocieniec & Kluczewo 
(Ruins & Traces)
194? 66 km
Total:   148.5 km

If anyone has more information or facts about this road please don't hesitate to contact me!