This route was a part of the future Berlin-Konigsberg Reichsautobahn. The first part of the road that was built in the mid 1930's  served as a high speed route between Elblag (Elbing) and Kaliningrad (Konigsberg). The Nazi government never got to link this section of the road with the portion built on the Pomeranian countryside because of the Polish Wisla (Vistula) Corridor. 

The road begins in south Elblag and ends in southern Kaliningrad. It is a single carriageway road, but some dual carriageway portions exist especially close to finished interchanges. The northern portion of the road in Poland was heavily damaged in World War 2. The route is a concrete slab based motorway, with several interchanges and bridges over it. Several river bridges were destroyed by the retreating German army, and after the war were never renovated because of Poland's dire economic situation. With Poland currently establishing a well developed motorway network, this road is set for reconstruction and renovation in 2001-2004.

I don't really know much about the portion of the motorway that exists in Russia, however I do know that several interchanges exist, and the motorway is dual carriageway in both directions.

If anyone has more information or facts about this road please don't hesitate to contact me!